ASB Toxicology Standards Open for Public Comment

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Source: Sherri L. Kacinko, PhD, 2020-21 Toxicology Section Chair

The AAFS Standards Board (ASB) recently released three documents that may be of interest:

ASB Standard 121, Standard for the Analytical Scope and Sensitivity of Forensic Toxicological Testing of Urine in Drug-Facilitated Crime Investigations, First Edition: You may recall that this document was recently recirculated for public review. Based on the comments received, the document was further modified. This recirculation period is your chance to review and provide feedback on the revisions. Please note that per ASB procedures, in this recirculation phase of the process, new comments will only be considered for portions of the document that were changed since the last draft version was released. The public comment period will close on May 6, 2021.

ASB Standard 153, Standard Practices for Proficiency Testing for Forensic Toxicology Laboratories, First Edition: This document defines the minimum scope and frequency for proficiency testing for laboratories engaged in the following subdisciplines: postmortem forensic toxicology, human performance toxicology (e.g., drug-facilitated crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, breath alcohol), and general forensic toxicology (non-lethal poisonings or intoxications). As this is the first circulation of the document, all comments and suggested edits received by the April 19, 2021, deadline will be considered and are appreciated.

ASB Standard 036, Standard Practices for Method Validation in Forensic Toxicology, First Edition, 2019: While already published, this document has been re-released under a Call for Comment of ASB Limited Substantive Changes for items that were not clearly marked as such during the last opportunity for public review and comment. Comments will only be considered for the items that have now been correctly identified as modified. The deadline to provide feedback is May 10, 2021.

Click here to access these documents and the comment form.

This is your opportunity to have input on how the field of forensic toxicology will function in the future. Your input is valuable and appreciated!