Digital & Multimedia Sciences November 2014 News Update

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Source: Marcus K. Rogers, PhD, Section Secretary

It would appear that the tireless efforts of several of the members of our section has resulted in NIST announcing the addition of a new subcommittee on Digital Evidence to the Organization of Scientific Areas Committees (OSAC). The subcommittee will exist under the IT/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee. The IT/Multimedia Committee has excellent representation from our section. Sam Liles, Mark Pollitt, Richard Vorder Bruegge, Michael Piper, and Eoghan Casey sit on this committee. By the time this newsletter is published, the membership of the DE OSAC will also be determined, as the application process closed September 30. I am sure that several of our members will be selected to be on this subcommittee as well.

The announcement of the DE OSAC was followed up by a further an additional announcement that NIST will be accepting proposals for the creation of a Pattern Evidence and Digital Evidence Forensic Science Center of Excellence. The addition of the DE OSAC and the DE Forensic Science Center of Excellence are extremely important and puts our discipline back on the map as a legitimate member of the forensic sciences community. When the new OSAC program was first announced, we were all concerned that DE, as a discipline, had been relegated to the proverbial back seat by its exclusion. It would appear that we are being allowed a seat at the table after all, so let’s roll up our sleeves and show what we are capable of.