Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section News – July 2016

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Source: Marla E. Carroll, BS, DMS Section Secretary

Great news for DMS Section members and the Academy … Our own Zeno Geradts and David Baker have been chosen as nominees for 2017-18 AAFS officers. Congratulations to Zeno, who is the nominee for Treasurer, and Dave, who is the nominee for a Vice President’s position. They have both been leaders for our section since its inception and for the Academy for many years. We know they will continue to do great things.

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Committees: One of the ways to advance in the Academy is through participation in section committees. In order to receive credit for promotion, one must not just be a name on the list; one has to actively participate in the committee’s activities. We would love to see every member of our section participate in at least one DMS committee; the Section Program Committee, in particular, needs participants from all the subdisciplines to help read the abstract submissions. The following is a summary of the section standing committees and their functions (a big thank you to Julie Ryan for providing this information):

Planning Committee – Julie Ryan, 2016-17 Chair

The purpose of the committee is to review the Policy and Procedure Manual annually, preparing changes to be presented to the chair for review and to the members to be voted on at the section business meeting. Whether changes are made or not, a dated copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual is sent to the section chair, the section secretary, and the AAFS office by April following the section business meeting.

Functions of the Planning Committee: Establishes committees to increase member involvement and to assist the section officers; proposes guidelines for long- and short-term planning for the section; maintains a roster of volunteers for various committees to use; reviews existing committee functions and procedures and makes recommendations to the section officers; performs special projects as designated by the chair.

Membership Committee – Rhesa Gilliland, 2016-17 Chair

The purpose of the committee is to encourage exchanges between members at the annual meeting and to attract qualified new members and acquaint them with the functions and programs of the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section and the Academy.

Functions of the Membership Committee: At the annual meeting, organizes the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section Reception; proposes guidelines for membership and advancement to assure that all applicants are eligible for membership; prepares letters to new members welcoming them to the section and outlining the functions and operations of the section; encourages new members to become involved in the section by providing them with committee purposes and names and addresses of committee chairs; develops methods of welcoming new members and getting them involved in the section.

Awards Committee – Josiah Dykstra, 2016-17 Chair

The purpose of the committee is to conduct the process to recognize exemplary Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section members.

Functions of the Awards Committee: Solicits nominations from the members, votes, and makes recommendations to the section officers; determines and orders the awards from the Academy; suggests new awards and prepares criteria for review by the section officers and approval by the section members.

Program Committee – Jeff Smith, 2016-17 Chair; Mary Horvath, 2016-17 Co-Chair

The purpose of the committee is to develop the section’s annual scientific program in accordance with guidance provided by the Section Chair, the Academy Program Committee, and the Academy staff, as well as overseeing development of other section program activities at the annual meeting of the Academy.

Functions of the Program Committee: Reviews the Academy Program Planners Guide, which contains most information and timetables that are important to know; organizes the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section Program (this primarily involves reviewing abstracts, rejecting unsuitable ones, and organizing the remainder into a format that fits within the time frames for the Academy Scientific Sessions); organizes the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section Poster Sessions; organizes workshops and/or seminars in conjunction with the AAFS Workshops and Breakfast Seminar Chairs, either independently or in conjunction with other sections or members; and designates moderators for the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section Scientific Program.

Ad Hoc Industry Relations Committee: Marla Carroll, 2016-17 Chair

The purpose of the committee is to act as a liaison with our vendor community to promote recognition of the DMS Section and to encourage vendor participation in AAFS events. As a new section, we need to boost awareness so that we may grow both our vendor and member base.

More detailed information on the standing committees is available at Please contact the chair of the committee in which you are interested in participating. Each person’s contact information is available in the AAFS online Directory.

Last, but definitely not least ….

THE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE is AUGUST 1. There is no wiggle room. That is The. Final. Day. to submit; however, you are encouraged to submit earlier! We all look forward to a full program of interesting workshops, oral presentations, and poster presentations. This coming year, we are encouraging multidisciplinary workshops, especially those with a social media aspect. If you have any questions, contact Jeff Smith, our 2016-17 Section Program Chair.