Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section News – September 2015

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Source:  Marcus K. Rogers, PhD, Section Secretary

As is usual for the fall newsletter, the focus is on membership. Our section is continuing to grow with our total number (latest stats available) now at 138. This is exceptional given our humble beginnings! The specifics of our membership are as follows:

Fellows  24
Members  22
Associate Members  61
Student Affiliates  22
Trainee Affiliates    7
Retired Fellows    2
     Total 138
Applicants    9

For the first time in our section’s history (albeit a short one), we have more Fellows than Members. This is a great trend!

As always, please remember that it is extremely important for those Members who have the sufficient time and service to the section to apply for promotion to Fellow. It is equally important for our Associate Members who have sufficient time and service to the section to also apply to become Members. This can all be completed online through your AAFS Web Account ( The deadline for applying for membership or promotion is fast approaching – October 1. The AAFS is very strict about deadlines and applications for new member or promotion will not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Our section’s growth has been great!  Let’s make sure this continues by keeping our eyes open for potential new members and by making sure we apply for promotions when we qualify.