Engineering Sciences Section (ESS) Members Spread Their Wings Over Europe and Canada and Are Ready for Las Vegas 2016

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Sources:  John Nixon, MBA, Section Chair, and David Pienkowski, PhD, Section Program Chair

Engineering Sciences Section (ESS) members have been traveling, hosting meetings, and preparing an exciting roster of presentations for the Las Vegas meeting. Specifically, ESS Fellow and AAFS Board of Directors representative Laura Liptai attended the 7th European Academy of Forensic Science (EAFS) Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Previous meetings were held in Lausanne, Krakow, Istanbul, Helsinki, Glasgow, and The Hague. The triennial event spanned the week of September 6 and was attended by approximately 1,000 delegates representing forensic science laboratories, academia, industry, and trade and service companies. A small contingent from AAFS was in attendance. Dr. Liptai combined her educational experience with a personal one; she located and introduced herself to one of her Slovakian relatives, Vladimir Liptai, an employee of Cisco Systems® — a sound strategy to enhance international relations.

 ESS 1 - NOv15
Laura Liptai meets with Slovakian relative Vladimir Liptai in Prague.

 ESS 2 Nov15

Some AAFS ESS delegates touring the Ontario Center of Forensic Sciences (OCFS).

This past September, the ESS hosted a four-day International Summer Meeting in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. The city is being promoted as a major North American cultural center and was hosting both a jazz festival and a major international film festival at the time of the ESS event. ESS members, guests, and associates enjoyed paper presentations and a tour of the prestigious $1 billion Ontario Center of Forensic Sciences (crime laboratory). Attendees extended their thanks to Helmut Brosz, ESS Fellow, in appreciation of his efforts in organizing the event and for his gracious hospitality.

That’s not all that’s happening in Engineering Sciences — an exciting roster of presentations is ready for the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas. Six oral presentation sessions will enrich attendees’ knowledge regarding: (1) new discoveries created by engineering analyses; (2) novel analytical methods that enhance forensic science investigations; (3) how science meets engineering; and, (4) how practice meets theory, as shown by forensic engineering case studies. Thursday afternoon features a special Joint Session co-hosted by the Engineering Sciences and Jurisprudence Sections that will examine critical contemporary issues at the interface of these disciplines. The ESS will also actively participate in the poster sessions. To maximize learning opportunities, as well as for the convenience of attendees, all ESS sessions will occur in series. Oral sessions begin early Thursday morning, led by Sarah Hainsworth’s history-making success in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the demise of England’s controversial King Richard III — often portrayed as a dastardly villain, but regarded by some as a misunderstood philanthropist. Character assassination is nothing new it seems.