Engineering Sciences Section News – July 2016

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Source: David Pienkowski, PhD, MBA, Section Program Chair

The theme of the 2017 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting, Our Future Reflects Our Past: The Evolution of Forensic Science, sets the stage for reflecting upon the past year’s professional endeavors to create useful new information benefiting the forensic science community.

Similar to the accountant who uses prior tax year records to prepare a summary as well as to plan the next year’s financial activities based on tax considerations, scientists and engineers cogitate on the technical experiences of the past and then summarize the resulting new information. Such information is of greatest value only after dissemination in an appropriate forum.

No better forum can be found than that embodied in the AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting’s scientific program. Scientists or engineers with interesting new findings or experiences, as well as those with prior data from which new knowledge has been gained by analyses or reflection, are strongly encouraged to share this information by preparing an abstract reflective of these new developments and submitting it to the Engineering Sciences Section (ESS) prior to the August 1 deadline.

ESS members as well as non-members considering abstract submissions for ESS sessions are asked to please be attentive to the instructions in the forthcoming formal “Call for Papers.” The deadline for abstract submission for the February 2017 AAFS meeting is August 1. Potential presenters who have questions or need advice regarding potential abstract submissions to the ESS should contact David Pienkowski at