General Section Call for Nominations

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Source: Julie Howe, MBA, General Section Nominating Committee

The General Section Nominating Committee, consisting of Julie Howe,  David Zeliff, and T.L. Williams, announces a call for nominations for Section Chair and Section Secretary, both of whom will be elected during the section business meeting in February 2021. A list of officer responsibilities may be found at in the AAFS Policy and Procedure Manual. Nominees may be placed on the ballot in one of three ways: (1) selection by the Nominating Committee; (2) nomination from the membership by petition, supported in writing by a minimum of three Members or Fellows of the General Section; or (3) nomination from the floor during the election process at the annual section business meeting. Petition(s) must be submitted to Julie Howe by December 1 to verify the nominee’s eligibility and willingness to serve and to obtain an AAFS-specific resume. Julie Howe may be reached at