July 2015 Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section News

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Source: Marcus K. Rogers, PhD, Section Secretary

As we roll into the dog days of summer, there has been some pretty interesting activity related to our section. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Digital/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee (SAC) has formed a task force to look at defining how our discipline fits into the world of science and forensic sciences. Several members of our Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section are on the task force. The National Science Foundation has also funded an effort from the University of Alabama to develop a code of ethics for digital forensics. The University of Alabama has reached out to several area experts, including some of our members, and has conducted its first two-day workshop on this project.

In other news, NIST announced that it has awarded $20 million to the team led by Iowa State to set up a Forensic Science Center of Excellence for Pattern and Digital Evidence. This recent flurry of activity bodes well for our continued growth and maturation within the forensic sciences.