July 2015 Engineering Sciences News

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Source: David Pienkowski, PhD, MBA, Section Program Chair

It is time to begin abstract preparation for the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas. Those submitting abstracts are encouraged to adhere to the general rules for abstracts as found on the AAFS website. In addition to these general rules, please consider crafting the abstract so that all subsections prominently convey a high level of scientific or engineering excellence. Hallmarks of high-quality abstracts will include, for example: (1) prefatory disclosure of the basic scientific or engineering principles exemplified in the presentation; (2) explicit communication of the means by which rigorous application of these principles enabled development of new forensic knowledge; and, (3) data and scientific or engineering principle-driven conclusions that qualitatively and quantitatively answer the clearly defined initial question or hypothesis.

Abstract submitters are reminded that their paper or poster, when presented, must adhere to the aims and objectives stated in their abstract and conform to the ESS policy for excellence in scientific- and engineering-based forensic analyses. Additional abstract preparation instructions will be forthcoming in the formal “Call for Abstracts” soon to be distributed.

ESS members, as well as nonmembers considering abstract submissions for ESS sessions, are asked to please look for subsequent ESS news feed announcements on the AAFS website as well as section mailings.  The abstract submission deadline for the next annual meeting is August 1.  Abstract submitters who have questions or need advice should contact David Pienkowski at pienkow@uky.edu.