July 2015 General Section News

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Source: Joanna L. Collins, MFS, Section Secretary

While many of us are still sharing stories and pictures from Orlando, it is time to get serious about planning for the 2016 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (February 22-27). The August 1 deadline for presentations will be here before you know it. Section Program Chair Steve Chancellor and Co-Chair Melissa Connor are looking forward to a program that reflects quality and diversity of our section membership. The 2016 meeting theme is Transformation: Embracing Change. Oral presentations, posters, workshops, luncheons, and breakfasts can be submitted through the online abstract submission system at www.aafs.org.

It is time again to solicit nominees from the General Section who have gone above and beyond in furthering the field of forensic sciences and for exceptional service to the General Section. Nominations for the John R. Hunt Award and the Paul W. Kehres Meritorious Service Award must be submitted to the General Section Awards Committee no later than August 1. Please submit qualifying individuals’ names and any questions to the Awards Committee Chair, Amy Carney (aycnp@aol.com). Below are the criteria for each award as taken from the AAFS Policy and Procedure Manual.

The John R. Hunt Award is intended to recognize sustained superior contributions to the General Section, AAFS, and the forensic science community. The nominee must be a Fellow of the section for the last consecutive three (3) years when this award is bestowed; must have attended 50% of the section business meetings in the past six (6) years; must have presented a scientific paper, poster, plenary session, breakfast seminar, or workshop within the past five (5) years; must have published at least once in the Journal of Forensic Sciences; and should have served in an elected position within the section in an official AAFS capacity for at least one (1) year, as a committee chair for at least one (1) year, or as a member of a committee for at least three (3) years; or, in the absence of one of the above, potential candidates shall have made a significant contribution to the forensic science community not reflected by a specific section or AAFS effort.

The Paul W. Kehres Meritorious Service Award is intended to recognize a General Section Trainee Affiliate, Student Affiliate, Associate Member, Member, or Fellow for exceptional service to the General Section. This service may include, but not be limited to, performance of section responsibilities under extremely adverse circumstances, service to the section far above and beyond that which would be normally expected, and/or particularly inspirational ideas and the implementation of those ideas that would benefit the section.

Additionally, for those of you who will be submitting abstracts for presentation in Las Vegas at the 2016 Annual Meeting, please consider nominating your presentation for the Robert Gaffney Achievement Award when you submit via the online system. This award is given to promote continual professional growth in the forensic sciences and technologies and to encourage new forensic sciences professionals in their occupational specialties. Any Trainee Affiliate, Associate Member, or Member of the General Section is eligible for this award provided he/she has been a registered participant within the AAFS for no more than four (4) years and provided he/she has proffered a paper at the General Section Scientific Session or Poster Session.

The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) has several awards and scholarship opportunities with deadlines of August 1. The Emerging Forensic Scientist Award is available for consideration to Student Affiliates or Trainee Affiliates who self-nominate in the online abstract submission system. Additionally, the FSF Student Affiliate Scholarship is available for consideration to those who self-nominate upon abstract submission. Requirements for both are outlined in the FSF Policy and Procedures Manual at www.aafs.org/resources/fsf.

Lastly, the committee members have been assigned and mentioned above or outlined below. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Disciplines Chair: Dave Zeliff
Nominating Chair: Alan Boehm
Policy and Procedures Chair: William Andrews
Reception Chair: Sharon Plotkin
Regional Representative Chair: Crystal Wagoner-Eckberg
Long Term Planning Chair (Ad hoc): Paul Kish
Communications Chair (Ad hoc): T.L. Williams