July 2015 Jurisprudence Section News

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Source:  Christine Funk, JD, Section Chair
Roderick Kennedy chairs an ad hoc committee looking at the structure of the Academy and is soliciting ideas anyone might have, regardless of how far-fetched or impossible those ideas may be. Plural section membership is a topic that has come up recently with members having primary and secondary memberships in sections to keep up on their own interdisciplinary practices. Reorganizing Academy leadership may be a topic. Ideas are actively solicited – please share your ideas by contacting Rod (forensiclass@me.com).

The Forensic Science Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA) held The Roles of the Courts in Improving Forensic Science Symposium on April 10 at Northwestern School of Law in Chicago, IL. The recordings and materials of the successful program are available on the Judicial Division website. Participants included Jurisprudence Secretary Stephanie Domitrovich, Past Secretary and Chair Andrew Sulner, and Past Program Chair Don Sheldon, all of whom presented.

Stephanie Domitrovich, as chair of the Forensic Science Committee, wrote a letter of support on behalf of the ABA supporting the application for grant funding for the establishment of a Forensic Science Center of Excellence to be based at Iowa State University. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the award recently.

Finally, please take a moment to reflect on your talents and experiences. Consider whether you have a topic of note to share at the Academy meeting. The Jurisprudence Section welcomes presentations from all sections of the Academy. Section Program Chair Lauri Traub (lauri.traub@pubdef.state.mn.us) and Section Co-Chair Ted Vosk (tvosk@comcast.net) are available should you have any questions.