Odontology November 2014 News Update

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Source: Raymond G. Miller, DDS, Section Secretary

As time flies by, the AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting is rapidly approaching. Before you know it, we will be basking in the fluorescent lighting of a lecture hall during our visit to the magical world of Orlando. I am sure, especially those of us escaping frigid winter weather, will find some way to worship the sun. However, our primary focus will be on the opportunities the annual meeting provides: education, networking, and socializing. Our Section Program Chair, Adam Freeman, has spent numerous hours putting together an educational program that will provide our membership with information that they can apply to their everyday forensic practices. The response for submissions has been great and the program will be balanced and informational. Besides the Scientific Session, Dr. Freeman has secured an outstanding speaker for the Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Breakfast. Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton will present “Frye to Daubert, A Change in the Legal Standard.” He will discuss the challenges facing prosecutors in presenting scientific evidence generally, and specifically those faced when presenting new or novel scientific advances. Mr. Ashton worked as prosecutor in the highly sensational Casey Anthony trial. This breakfast will be very popular so please register early. Another word of advice, this is a busy week in Orlando and flight costs are higher than other times of year.

Beside our Academy offerings, the ASFO and ABFO are also providing attendees with excellent educational programs. The ASFO will present an all-day program on Tuesday, February 17, concentrating on bitemark evidence. The ABFO will hold two workshops. On Sunday, February 15, they will hold its Bitemark Workshop and on Saturday, February 21, an Age Estimation Workshop will be offered. Particulars and information for all of these programs can be located on the organizations websites, www.asfo.org and www.abfo.org, respectively. With all the information to be presented and educational programs available, there is no excuse to leave Orlando dumber than when you arrived.

I am also pleased to announce the Odontology Section award winners. The nominating committee has selected two very deserving candidates. Philip Levine will be awarded the Lester Luntz Award and Norman “Skip” Sperber will receive the Reidar F. Sognnaes Award of Excellence in Forensic Odontology. I hope you will join us at our section business meeting to congratulate these fine awardees and celebrate in their success.

I personally look forward to the annual meeting not only for its educational content but the reuniting and reacquainting with great friends and colleagues. Florida in February will be a great environ to achieve that mission. The sun has set in the November sky in Buffalo, New York, and I can’t wait to see it again in Orlando.