Odontology Section News — February 2018

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Source:  Raymond G. Miller, DDS, Odontology Section Chair

I hope everyone is looking forward to Seattle. It is always great to reunite and gain new knowledge and insight from our peers and colleagues. This year we will be electing a new Program Chair who will ascend to the position of Section Chair over the next six years. Our Nominating Committee, chaired by Iain Pretty, found two great individuals willing to serve our section. Our candidates for Program Chair are: Robin Ainsworth and Jan Westberry.


Robin Ainsworth, DDS

Jan Westberry, DMD

Both candidates will be given a chance to address the section at our business meeting just prior to the election.

We will also honor two of our members with our section awards on Wednesday, February 21. Our Awards Committee, chaired by Adam Freeman, presented two very worthy honorees. Gary Berman will receive the  Odontology Section’s Lester Luntz Award, and Harry Mincer will receive the Reidar F. Sognnaes Award of Excellence in Forensic Odontology. Please extend your congratulations when you see them during the week.

See you in a few short weeks!