Odontology Section News – July 2016. Time to Submit Abstracts!

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Source: Roger D. Metcalf, DDS, JD, Section Program Chair

Dear Odontology Section Members:

Greetings from your Odontology Section Officers!

It seems like we just finished the AAFS meeting in Las Vegas and already the year is nearly half over! We’re looking forward to the AAFS 69th Annual Scientific Meeting coming up in New Orleans on February 13-18 – that means it’s time for you to get your forensic odontology abstracts submitted for consideration! The theme of the 2017 meeting selected by President John Gerns is Our Future Reflects Our Past: Evolution of Forensic Science. We welcome presentations on nearly any area of forensic odontology, but would be especially interested in presentations on the historical development of our discipline. Remember that the deadline for submitting abstracts is August 1 – not very far in the future – and note that is a “hard” deadline. Please get your abstracts in early, as we expect the New Orleans meeting to be very well attended.

Please be thinking about worthy nominees for the two Odontology Section honors – the Reidar F. Sognnaes Award of Excellence in Forensic Odontology and the Lester Luntz Odontology Award. The selection committee is composed of Adam Freeman as chair and the three section past chairs: Richard Weems, Paula Brumit, and Iain Pretty. Names may be submitted to the committee members or to your section officers, Raymond Miller and Roger Metcalf, and we will gladly pass along nominees’ names to the committee.

Also, please note a change in this year’s Odontology Section program – after many years, the Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Breakfast has been retired. Instead of the breakfast, a portion of our scientific program has been named the Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Program in order to continue to honor Dr. Krauss’ contributions to forensic odontology.

Our “sister” organizations will be busy at the meeting as well – the American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO) meeting will be on Tuesday, February 14, and the ASFO President-Elect Eric Wilson, as program chair, has some very interesting presentations lined up for Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget that the ASFO has some research funds available – a link is on the “Resources” tab of the AAFS webpage or go to http://asfo.org/research-and-grants/. The American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO) will be offering two of their workshops in New Orleans on the weekend just prior to the AAFS meeting – information about the 2017 Dental Age Estimation Workshop and the Expert Witness Workshops will be posted on the ABFO website in the near future; please see http://www.abfo.org, or you may contact the Workshop Chairs, Kathleen Kasper (Dental Age Estimation) and Roger Metcalf (Expert Witness Workshop), for more information.

If you would like to volunteer as a moderator for the Odontology Section’s Scientific Sessions, please let me know. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans!