Odontology Section News—May 2020: AAFS Meeting in Anaheim

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Source: Roger D. Metcalf, DDS, JD, Section Chair

Greetings from the Odontology Section! We had a great meeting in Anaheim led by our outgoing Section Chair, Adam Freeman. Dr. Freeman welcomed first-time attendees, new members, international members, members who had promoted in the past year, and new Fellows Randolph Mitchell, John Nase, and Jacqueline Reid. Special recognition was given to Iain Pretty, a past Odontology Section Chair, who was named a Distinguished Fellow by the Academy—only the sixth Odontology Section member to be so recognized. The Odontology Section Awards Committee presented the Lester Luntz Award to Dick Weems, also a past Odontology Section Chair, and the Reidar Sognnaes Award to Patrick Thevissen. Ray Miller, another past Section Chair, was recognized for his many years of service to the Section and the Academy. Denise Murmann was elected incoming Section Program Chair, Robin Ainsworth was elected Section Secretary, Roger Metcalf was elected Section Chair, and Adam Freeman moved on from Section Chair to AAFS Program Co-Chair. Paula Brumit, the section’s representative on the Board of Directors, will again serve as Co-Chair of The Last Word Society, along with Ken Melson. Dr. Brumit advises that the Odontology Section has been well-represented at Last Word for the past few years, and she encourages members to submit abstracts regarding historical and entertaining cases for consideration.

We hope all our members and their families—and everyone—can remain safe during this trying time. Many in various forensic disciplines are on the “front lines” and are at significant risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please be prudent and follow recommended guidelines. Take care! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Houston next February!