Odontology Section Update

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Source: John P. Kenney, DDS, MS

Registration for the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas is available online.  The pre-registration deadline is January 27, 2016. An outstanding group of papers has been selected by Section Program Chair, Adam Freeman. The American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO) Program on Tuesday will cover important work accomplished by David Senn this past summer to recover WWll remains from the island of Tarawa. See www.ASFO.org for more information. The American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO) will be presenting two workshops:  The Expert Witness Workshop is already completely sold out both for Participant and Observer, and the Dental Identification Workshop will be held on Saturday, February 20. The Participant’s Registration, which includes the hands-on workshop, is sold out, but a limited number of seats for the lecture portion — Observer — on Saturday morning are still available. See the ABFO website www.ABFO.org for further details.

The AAFS Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Breakfast on Friday, February 26, will feature best-selling author, Academy Fellow, and well-known forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs. Those seats will go quickly; breakfasts are open to the entire Academy membership and Ms. Reichs is a popular speaker.

Many of you may have recently received solicitations from new forensic journals to either submit papers or perhaps even serve on their editorial boards. The solicitations ask for a CV and a photo, obviously to build THEIR reputation on YOUR credibility.  Please use your own judgement.  The JFS is the official AAFS publication.  JFS, along with Forensic Science International and the IAI Journal, are the respected publications in the forensic sciences.  Just a reminder, JFS encourages authors to submit previously unpublished reports and papers presented at the AAFS annual meeting.

If anyone has issues that the AAFS Board of Directors needs to be aware of, please share them with me as soon as possible. The agenda for the Monday, February 22, Board of Directors (BOD) meeting will be set soon.

President Victor Weedn has conducted monthly phone conferences with the BOD this year, so there has been regular communication and discussion on matters of importance to the entire Academy, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) and the setting up of a subsidiary corporation, the AAFS Standards Board (ASB), funded by the Arnold Foundation Grant. Because of NIST requirements that membership of a Standards Development Organization (SDO) include participants who are not part of the (parent) organization, and the AAFS Bylaws would conflict with these requirements, the ASB was formed as an LLC. Odontology Section Fellow Ken Aschheim has been an important part of the process setting up the SDO/ASB. Brad Wing has been hired as the ASB Secretariat with a start-date of December 14.  On Wednesday morning, February 24, the American Dental Association (ADA) OSAC Forensic Odontology Taskforce will meet at 8:30 a.m.

Congratulations to Dr. Duane Spencer who will be receiving the Reidar F. Soggnnaes Award for Excellence in Forensic Odontology.

Doug Ubelaker, who has been a good friend to the Odontology Section and an outstanding forensic scientist, will be receiving the Distinguished Fellow Award at the Business Meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Voting Members and Fellows should plan to attend this meeting.

Bob Barsley will complete his term on the Forensic Sciences Foundation in February, and Paula Brumit will continue to serve her four-term. Robin Scheper will be the Section Representative to the Student Academy of Forensic Sciences on Tuesday, Febraury 21. Ray Miller will present on Dental Identification and Gary Berman on Bitemarks to the Young Forensic Scientist Forum, also on Tuesday. Adam Freeman deserves kudos for serving as Breakfast Seminars Chair for the annual meeting program.

I will be providing a complete BOD report to the section on Wednesday afternoon. Elections will also be held, so attendance of Members and Fellows is requested. I will also make pertinent comments at the ABFO Diplomates meeting Monday and the ASFO Luncheon on Tuesday.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas. Come to learn, share time with friends and — have some fun, too!!!