Pathology/Biology – July 2016

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Source: Joyce L. deJong, DO, Section Secretary

Greetings to the members of the Pathology/Biology Section. Our Future Reflects Our Past: The Evolution of Forensic Science is the theme selected by President John Gerns for 2016-17. We have the ability to reflect on our past and from the knowledge gained, direct our future and the evolution of forensic science. As you work on your research and abstracts for the 2017 AAFS meeting, please encourage individuals who are new to the AAFS and may need guidance and assistance to participate with research and involve themselves with the Academy. You can directly influence the evolution of forensic science by nurturing others, who are our future, in their development within the Academy.

Speaking of the 2017 meeting and the approaching deadline of August 1 for abstract submissions, the process for review has changed. As the number of abstracts submitted continues to grow, the process for review has undergone needed revisions. We now have a committee assigned to assist the section program chair with the review process. The 2016-17 Pathology/Biology Section Program Chair David Carter, from Chaminade University in Hawaii, will oversee the process. The specifics of how the review process will operate within the committee are being established.

Regarding committees, Pathology/Biology Section Chair James Caruso encourages you to contact him if you have an interest in serving on a committee. There are often opportunities to assist with committees regarding research, awards, and scientific abstract reviews. Service on a committee is a great way to increase your involvement with the AAFS. If you are interested, please send an email to