Pathology/Biology November 2014 News Update

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Source: Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD, Section Secretary

Thanks to all who submitted abstracts for the AAFS Annual Meeting, to be held in Orlando, FL, February 16-21, 2015. The Pathology/Biology Section had over 240 abstracts submitted for consideration. Many thanks to Program Chair Jim Caruso for his hard work putting together our scientific program and congratulations to those whose abstracts were accepted. Official notifications of acceptance will be mailed by the second week of November. At this time, you may check the status of your submission online by logging into your AAFS Web Account and clicking the program submission button.

You still have time to submit research grant proposals to complete that project you’ve wanted to do. The Pathology/Biology Section funds two grants, typically ranging from $2,000 to $3,000. A written formal proposal must be received by December 1 to be considered for the grant award. The decisions will be announced in February at the AAFS Annual Meeting. More information may be obtained by contacting J.C. Upshaw Downs ( or Kathryn Haden-Pinneri (

Congratulations to Kim Collins for being honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award by the College of American Pathologists. Upon receiving the award, Dr. Collins stated that she hopes her teaching and mentorship have made a difference. Those who know her and have been fortunate to train under her can attest to her success as a teacher and a mentor.

Congratulations also to Stephen Cina for being recognized by the College of American Pathologists for his significant contributions in the field of forensic pathology. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for ensuring public health and safety in his role as Chief Medical Examiner for Cook County, IL. This award is testament to the important role forensic pathologists, coroners, and medical examiners have in public health and safety concerns.

The Pathology/Biology Section mourns the loss of Retired Fellows Marvin Aronson and Phillip Burch. Dr. Aronson, former Philadelphia Chief Medical Examine, passed away September 6 and is remembered fondly by Marcella Fierro for his kindness and fellowship. He was a mentor to many and was known to have a vibrant sense of humor. Dr. Burch passed away August 2 and served as a medical examiner in St. louis, MO, for 25 years prior to his retirement. Randy Hanzlick recalls pleasant chats at professional meetings and taking his forensic pathology board examination with him. Mary Ann Sens recalls him being very kind and welcoming to new pathologists.

As you recall fond memories and moments with your mentors, keep in mind the important roles we have when training and interacting with our fellows, residents, and other colleagues. Take some time at the annual meeting to reach out to your mentor or trainees and continue the circle of knowledge and education. A simple greeting or short conversation with a fellow or resident can have a lasting impression.