Psychiatry & Behavioral Science January 2015 News Update

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Source: Karen Rosenbaum, MD, Section Secretary

In section news, we are looking forward to the 67th Annual Scientific Meeting being held in Orlando, FL, at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, February 16-21. We are especially excited because our own, Daniel Martell, is president of the Academy. This past fall, he was able to tour the Korean National Forensic Service (NFS) facility in Korea during his IEOP, attend the IAFS meeting, and share his memorable experience in the November issue of the Academy News newsletter.

The pre-registration deadline for the annual meeting is Wednesday, January 21. Please register at the AAFS website ( I look forward to seeing you all there.

Dean DeCrisce and Gregg Dwyer, Section Program Chair and Program Co-Chair respectively, are excited about the program for the Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Section. In addition to informative and interesting presentations in our own section, there will be a joint session with the Toxicology Section focusing on the psychological autopsy and suicide. The program will be well organized with overall themes linking presentations in each time block.

As AAFS Program Committee Breakfast Seminars Chair, I am aware of many interesting and exciting breakfast seminars being presented during the meeting including two that may be of interest to the Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Section members.

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