Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Section News – November 2015

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Source:  Dean De Crisce, MD, Section Secretary

Fall is upon us and the schedule has been set for the upcoming annual meeting in Las Vegas! Program Chair Gregg Dwyer reported: we have a great lineup coming together for the section at the 2016 meeting. We are filling two-and-a-half days of presentations and two sessions of posters. Topical themes include children and adolescents, psychopathy, violence, sexual behavior, homicide, ethics, and a variety of other presentations and posters expected to educate and challenge. There is a mix of empirical research results, guidance for the practitioner, commentary, and case reports. Presenters represent the breadth of the section membership in terms of disciplines, professional settings, and experience. The span of our membership around the globe is represented from the United States, Canada, and multiple European countries. We look forward to visiting and sharing with you in Las Vegas this coming February. Please be sure to join us for a collegial exchange of ideas to inform your practice, research, and teaching.

In other section news and in the spirit of “Back-to-School” season, our members have been very productive.

Richard Rosner, AAFS Past President, was the first author on a new chapter on “The Modern Era of Forensic Psychiatry” in Robert Sadoff’s new book, The Evolution of Forensic Psychiatry, published by the Oxford University Press, now presently available.

Raymond Hamden presented “The Practical Side of Psychology in the Arab Gulf States: Beyond Language” during Grand Rounds at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in July. This presentation provided evidence-based information on the practical implications of knowledge about Arab Middle Eastern culture. Topics covered included family dynamics, the patriarchal model of the home and workplace, embracing the diverse habits of Arab consumers in mental health, cultural attitude and preference in medicine and psychology, tribal etiquette, communication model and language differences, and the reality of wealth. Dr. Hamden also led experiential workshops on “Relating to Arab Gulf Families.”

Jeffrey Rouse has served as the elected coroner of the City of New Orleans, having been trained as a forensic psychiatrist. In addition to the expected death investigation duties of a coroner, Louisiana coroners also are statutorily required to evaluate persons alleged to be dangerous to self or others and to effect psychiatric commitments with full force of law. The coroner also issues Orders of Protective Custody, directing the police to place persons into custody who are alleged to be dangerous for psychiatric or substance abuse reasons. Dr. Rouse is a board certified forensic psychiatrist at Tulane University, the former police psychiatrist for the New Orleans Police Department (including service in the aftermath of Katrina), and former Chief Deputy at the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office. Now, he is intimately involved in a number of forensic issues simultaneously. Their website may be of interest at

Associate Member Samuel Leistedt is an International Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, European Commission Advisor, teacher, consultant to national and international organizations, and expert witness in both civil and criminal matters such as psychopathy, sexual disorders including paraphilia, competency to stand trial, and insanity defense. He is also a consultant for several international organizations related to terrorism. He has been actively publishing.

Gregg Dwyer, Section Program Chair, has recently published a few articles along with Associate Member, Paul Federoff. The articles cover the “Standardization of Penile Plethysmography Testing in Assessment of Problematic Sexual Interests” in a recent 2015 edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and “Neuroimaging and Sexual Behavior: Identification of Regional and Functional Differences” in a 2015 edition of Current Psychiatry Reports (17(7):1-8).

Associate Member Sébastien Prat (who presented in the section’s 2015 Scientific Sessions) finished his fellowship at McMaster University. He accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences of McMaster University and as Staff Psychiatrist in the Forensic Psychiatry Program of St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario. Congratulations, Dr. Pratt!

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