Questions Documents Section Update–March 2020

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Source: Karen J. Nobles, MFS, Section Chair

The 2020 meeting of the Questioned Documents Section held in Anaheim, California last month was a resounding success! The technical program, chaired by Samiah Ibrahim, covered a myriad of subjects, both traditional and novel. The workshop, “Dispelling the Myths About the Forensic Examination of Handprinting,” put on by Linton Mohammed and Lloyd Cunningham, was educational, practical, and fun. Those who attended took home some valuable information.

During the annual business meeting, the following individuals were approved for membership: Carrie Polston – Student Affiliate; Kelsey Osborn – Trainee Affiliate; Andrea Ledic – Associate Member; Linda Mitchell – Promoted to Fellow; Mylene Signori, Khody Detwiler, and Brenda Lanners promoted from Associate to Member. If you are eligible for promotion, please submit your paperwork. It is an easy, online process and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. If you have any questions, contact the Academy’s Membership Coordinator, Cheryl Hunter, at

I am thrilled to report that Linda Mitchell was chosen to receive the Ordway Hilton Award and Nina Harnarine earned the Maureen Casey-Owens Award. Please send them your congratulations!

Also, during the business meeting, elections were held and I was honored to be selected as Section Chair.  Linda Mitchell was then elected to the Section Secretary position. Tom Vastrick is continuing as our board representative for next year. Samiah Ibrahim ( has graciously agreed to serve as Program Chair again this year and Dennis Ryan will serve as Workshop Chair. Planning is currently underway for the 2021 meeting which will be held February 15-20, 2021 in Houston, Texas, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Please contact Dennis at if you have ideas for workshops you would like to see. Also, while you are home social-distancing, consider putting together a presentation or poster for the Houston meeting. The August 1 deadline for submitting abstracts will be here before you know it! Next year’s theme is “One Academy–Pursuing Justice Through Truth in Evidence.” Please invite colleagues who are not yet members and eligible trainees to attend next year. The more and varied input we have, the more we learn and grow.

If you would like to work with us, we would love to have you! There are plenty of opportunities, large and small. Do not hesitate to contact me at, Linda Mitchell at, or past Chair Jan Seaman Kelly at with any questions or concerns. And speaking of Jan, let me take this opportunity to thank her for her wonderful service to our section these past four years! Under her leadership we have blossomed. I hope to be able to carry the torch as well as Jan has, but she is definitely a tough act to follow!