Section Members Join in Presenting at Highly Acclaimed Symposium

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Source:  Pamela A.W. King, JD, Section Secretary

On October 27 and 28, 2017, Jurisprudence Section members Edward J. Imwinkelried, Jules Epstein, and Andrew Sulner presented at a day-and-a half symposium titled “Experts, Inference and Innocence.” This well-attended and highly acclaimed symposium was presented by Seton Hall University School of Law in honor of the life’s work of Professor D. Michael Risinger. The symposium was devoted to the topics that have dominated Prof. Risinger’s scholarship for the past three decades, including six panels dealing with  :the current state of forensic science reform; the notion of validity as applied to expert evidence; how to communicate expert results intelligibly to lay jurors; how the legal system should treat convictions based on now-discredited forensic expertise; how best to instruct juries on standards of proof, especially on proof beyond a reasonable doubt; and the trade-offs involved in protecting the innocent through human procedures that also risk freeing the guilty.