Success in Seattle! Questioned Documents Section News—April 2018

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Source: Jan Seaman Kelly, BA, Section Chair

The 70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences is in the books. Section Program Chair Samiah Ibrahim and Co-Chair Kevin Kulbacki delivered an excellent program. Section Workshop Chair Linda Mitchell delivered a one-day workshop taught by Joel Zlotnik. Attendees provided positive feedback regarding the quality of the presentations and the workshop.

Samiah has served as Section Program Chair for the past two years and did an outstanding job. Samiah, thank you for your dedication and the numerous hours you spent as Program Chair. Your contribution and leadership is greatly appreciated!

As Section Workshop Chair for the past three years, Linda Mitchell has provided excellent QD workshops for each meeting. Linda, thank you for the investment of your time and dedication in serving the QD Section!

Linton Mohammed completed his service to the Questioned Document Section as Section Chair. Linton, thank you for your leadership and service to AAFS and the QD Section!

Karen Nobles was elected Section Secretary. Congratulations, Karen!

Our Section is fortunate to have several members holding AAFS positions. On the Board of Directors, Carl McClary is Treasurer and Thomas Vastrick is a Director. Linton Mohammed is a member of the AAFS Long Term Planning Committee.

The 71st Annual Scientific Meeting will be in Baltimore, MD, at the Baltimore Convention Center on February 18-23, 2019. President Susan M. Ballou’s theme for this meeting is Diligence, Dedication, and Devotion. Kevin Kulbacki is Section Program Chair and Carolyn Bayer-Broring is Co-Chair. Please contact Kevin should you have any questions regarding an oral or poster presentation.

Jennifer Furman is Section Workshop Chair and Jason Le is Co-Chair. The goal is to offer three quality workshops for the Baltimore meeting. Please contact Jen to discuss your workshop ideas or to obtain answers to any questions you may have.

The deadline for submission of presentation and workshop abstracts is August 1, 2018.

As the new Section Chair, I would like to hear from the QD Section membership. As with a number of organizations, the responsibility of overseeing activities of the group tends to fall to a half-dozen people who are willing to complete the tasks. I want this to change and would like to utilize ad hoc committees comprised of volunteers to complete specific tasks. I will notify the membership of committee positions available in our Section as well as other AAFS sections. The recent opportunity requesting volunteers to serve on the AAFS Diversity Outreach Committee was met with a good response. Jane Lewis and Meredith DeKalb Miller will represent our Section. My appreciation goes to those who volunteered and they are on my volunteer list. The response to this opportunity revealed that members welcome the opportunity to serve. I encourage all QD Section members to become involved and volunteer when committee opportunities arise. The investment of yourself will strengthen our Section and give you a sense of ownership in the Section established by Ordway Hilton.

I look forward to serving you as the Section Chair.