T. Dale Stewart Award Call for Nominations

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Source: Marin A. Pilloud, Anthropology Section Secretary

Please email any nominations for the T. Dale Stewart Award to Kristen Hartnett-McCann (dr.khartnett@gmail.com) by February 1. Please see the following information excerpted from the Policy and Procedure Manual regarding this award.

The T. Dale Stewart Award is an award presented to a current, former, or retired member, posthumously if desired, of the section for outstanding contributions to the field of forensic physical anthropology. The award may be presented each year, but that is not required. Nominations are made by mail to the section officers prior to an announced date. The nominations will be forwarded to the T. Dale Stewart Award Committee (appointed by the section chair and composed of three (3) former recipients of the award). This committee may select one (1) of the nominated members to receive the award.