Toxicology November 2014 News Update

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Source: Dwain C. Fuller, BS, Section Chair

We are now only a few months away from the 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in sunny Orlando, FL. Your Section Program Chair and Co-Chair, Rebecca Jufer Phipps and Dan Anderson, have worked long and hard and deserve your recognition. The program is now finalized and we are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding educational experience. Besides the traditional special sessions, we look forward to a joint session with the Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Section entitled, “Psychological Autopsy: Toxicology and Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences in a Working Relationship.”

On Wednesday, we will continue with what has now become the “Annual Toxicology Section Luncheon” which will take place immediately prior to the section business meeting. If you wish to attend the luncheon, please remember to make the selection when you register, as there is an additional charge to attend. The luncheon is available by pre-registration only and is not available to those who register on-site.

Once again, the business meeting will be a chance for us to honor this year’s awards and scholarship winners. This year’s winners are as follows:

Marc LeBeau will receive the Alexander O. Gettler Award;
Ashraf Mozayani will receive the Rolla N. Harger Award;
Jillian Yeakel will receive the Irving Sunshine Award; and,
Rebecca Lynn Hartman will receive the June K. Jones Scholarship.
(There were no nominees for the Ray Abernethy Award this year.)

Once again, many thanks to John Wyman who chairs the Awards and Scholarships Committee and to all of the committee members for their diligent work in reviewing the nominations. Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation to the section members who took the time and effort to nominate our awardees. As a reminder, the nominations for awards must come from the section membership and not from the Awards and Scholarships Committee.