Toxicology Section News – April 2016

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Source: Dan T. Anderson, MS, Section Chair

Rounding out the last of the disciplines to report on how wonderful the AAFS 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas was…would be, of course, Toxicology. “Recovery” is a word that is still being used and it’s a month later! A tremendous thanks to our Section Program Chairs Fiona Couper and Nikolas Lemos for their tireless work and dedication as well as to the following financial contributors for their support to the Toxicology Section: Aegis, Randox, Agilent, Cerilliant, Immunalysis, Waters, Lipomed, RTI, and NMS Labs all deserve a round of applause and a huge — THANKS! The Toxicology Section hosted three workshops: Advanced Mass Spectrometry (MS) Techniques for Forensic Analysis: What Does the Future Hold? chaired by Sherri Kacinko and Kenyon Evans-Nguyen; Vaping: What You Didn’t Know About Electronic Cigarettes — And Why You Should Care” chaired by Michelle Peace and Justin Poklis; and Diversity and Inclusion at the Forensic Science Workplace chaired by Nikolas Lemos and Daniel Isenschmid. Toxicology Section Fellow and AAFS Past President, Barry Logan, chaired one breakfast seminar, entitled A Primer on the Structure and Activity of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). All three workshops and breakfast were excellent and very well attended. We thank Phil Kemp for his continued contribution to the Student Academy. There were approximately 100 high school students that were introduced to the different disciplines for the day. The section’s Scientific Session started on Wednesday evening and consisted of 49 poster and 34 oral presentations, including a Multidisciplinary Session with Pathology/Biology and culminating with the annual Postmortem Pediatric Toxicology coordinated by Robert Middleberg and Nikolas Lemos. All reviewers, moderators, and judges who volunteered their time to make this year’s program a success deserve a special thanks. Congratulations to Melissa Friscia, recipient of the 2016 Best Poster Award and $1,000 prize (supported by RTI) for her poster, entitled Development and Validation of a Confirmatory Method for Six Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in Whole Blood Using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (UPLC/MS/MS). The annual Toxicology Section Luncheon continued its success, attracting approximately 120 attendees, with Marina Stajic being honored with life presentations from Yale Caplan, Daniel Isenschmid, and Robert Middleberg, and Life Facilitator Cathy Tobin presented Find Your Zen and five techniques for catching your breath and de-stressing. At our Toxicology Awardees Reception, we recognized Mahmoud ElSohly (Alexander O. Gettler Award), Rod McCutcheon (Rolla N. Harger Award), Robert Kronstrand (Ray Abernathy Award), and Erin Spargo (Irving Sunshine Award). Last but certainly not least, thank you to my good friend, colleague, mentor, and outgoing Section Chair, Sarah Kerrigan, for all of her hard work and leadership this year and for making this journey a wonderful one.

So … after all the thanks and accolades, what’s next? Well, we have to prepare for the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans. Did I mention the word “Recovery” at the beginning of this article? Oh boy, especially with Mardi Gras! Slow and steady wins the race. This year’s Section Program Chair, Nikolas Lemos, and Co-Chair, Bill Johnson, are busy preparing for another terrific program with the meeting theme, Our Future Reflects Our Past: The Evolution of Forensic Science.