Toxicology Section News—July 2018. Stay Cool and Submit Your Abstract!

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Source: Sherri L. Kacinko, PhD, Section Program Chair

The summer is delivering searing heat to large portions of the United States! Stay safe from the heat by staying inside and working on your 2019 AAFS meeting abstracts and workshop/breakfast proposals! The deadline for submission is August 1, but I have been told the early bird catches the worm and, apparently, that is a good thing! So go ahead and submit your abstract today.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up and volunteered to review abstracts. If you have reviewed abstracts in the past, you have probably wondered why there is such a short turn-around time requested for these reviews. So here is the inside scoop! Abstracts are due August 1 and the program committee must submit the preliminary program by September 1. That means that we have to review all the abstracts, give authors an opportunity to make requested changes, and organize them all in the Toxicology program schedule in 30 days! For the Toxicology Section, this is further complicated by the fact that the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists meeting often happens in August so we are all extra busy!

We are going to try something new this year and assign reviewers to abstracts as soon as the AAFS online abstract review program is launched instead of waiting until after the submission deadline. Reviewers who are assigned abstracts are asked to complete the reviews within two weeks, which will allow authors time to address any concerns raised by the reviewers. If this is not possible, please notify us as soon as possible! This will also ensure that authors can easily make changes within the submission system as once the August 1 deadline passes the submissions are locked and changes must be made through the AAFS office, which will be more time-consuming.

What is the bottom line? Submit your abstract early! This will make it easier on everyone and give us the most time to assemble an outstanding program for the Toxicology Section. It will also make your program chair and co-chair ridiculously happy and that should be a primary goal of all toxicologists everywhere!