Toxicology Section News—May 2019

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Source: Sabra R. Botch-Jones, MS, Section Program Chair

The Organization of Scientific Area Communities for Forensic Sciences (OSAC) Toxicology Subcommittee recently released a draft document titled “Standard for Identification Criteria in Forensic Toxicology.” Click here to access the document.

This document has been accepted by the Academy Standards Board (ASB) for development as an American National Standard (ANS). For information about ASB and their process, please refer to

While this is a draft document, it is being made available at this stage of the process so the forensic science community and interested stakeholders can be more fully aware of the efforts and work products of the OSAC. The documents were prepared by the OSAC Toxicology Subcommittee with input from OSAC Legal Resource Committee, Quality Infrastructure Committee, and Human Factors Committees, as well as the relevant Scientific Area Committee.

It is important to note that the content of the document is subject to change during the standards development process within ASB and may not represent the contents of the final published standard. All stakeholder groups or individuals are strongly encouraged to submit technical comments on this draft document during the ASB’s open comment period anticipated to occur later in 2019. Technical comments will not be accepted if submitted to the OSAC Scientific Area Committee or Subcommittees.