AAFS Technology & Emails Caught in Spam Filters

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Source: Jeffrey Lubbers, Information Technology & Website Coordinator

At this year’s 68th Annual Scientific Meeting, it was brought to my attention that the new Academy News Feed notifications are not being received by many of the members, but the email blasts were being received. To help ensure that there is consistent and reliable communication, I would like to encourage everyone to acquire a better understanding of how their spam filter works. I advise you to talk to your Internet Service Provider or IT Administrator regarding how to allow all emails from the AAFS.org domain. This will ensure that email correspondence from staff, the news notification service, and email blasts are reliably received.

Throughout the coming year, we will be adjusting our systems and procedures to send email blasts from no-reply@aafs.org and Academy News notifications from news@aafs.org.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at jlubbers@aafs.org.