Get Email Alerts When News is Published

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With the transition to the Academy News going green in the form of a news feed, it is now possible to receive email updates when new stories are published. There are many services that turn our RSS feed into alerts; and are two services that don’t require a paid subscription. To use these services:

  1. Navigate to one of the links above.
  2. Input the RSS URL of the news for which you would like to receive updates.
    • News Feed Section CategoryRSS URLs for the Academy News have a trailing “/feed.”
    • To view section-related news, select a story from your section category under the News title, then:
      • Click on your section;
      • Append feed to the URL presented.
        • Example: Criminalistics-related news can be accessed at
        • Example: All AAFS news can be accessed at
  3. Select how often you would like to receive updates.
  4. Select “Feed Me” or “Feed My Inbox.”

“Unsubscribe” links will be included in your email alerts if you choose to stop receiving updates.

* Products and/or services mentioned in this article are not being endorsed by nor are they affiliated with the AAFS .