Lucy Davis, Amber Riley, Murrell Godfrey, and Lisa Gavin Receive the Kenneth S. Field Award for Outstanding Service to the AAFS Staff

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Source: Anne Warren, Executive Director

Every year, AAFS members volunteer on countless committees and boards, and their names are published in newsletters and announced throughout the week of the annual meeting. However, there are some who work behind the scenes all year long, quietly and cheerfully offering their expertise, guidance, and energy to the AAFS staff. A simple “thank you” is not enough for these unsung heroes.

At the annual meeting in Las Vegas, Lucy A. Davis, Amber D. Riley, Murrell Godfrey, and Lisa A. Gavin were honored with the “Kenneth S. Field Award of Appreciation for Outstanding Service to the AAFS Staff.”

Lucy A. Davis, Fellow in the Criminalistics Section, was selected for her herculean accomplishments toward the Academy’s Standards Development Organization (SDO) effort. Lucy gave tirelessly of her time throughout the entire ANSI-accreditation process, the hiring of standards staff, and eventually being appointed to serve as Chair of the newly formed ASB (Academy Standards Board).  Lucy was enthusiastic and consistently thorough.  Her expertise and direction helped the AAFS staff to remain steady and to move the Academy in a forward direction through unchartered territory.  Lucy’s outstanding service impacted the Academy overall as well as the work accomplished by the staff (award criteria).  Thank you, Lucy!

Amber D. Riley, Fellow in the General Section, was chosen for her dedication to the efforts of the section’s Regional Representative Committee in securing letters of reference for numerous applicants in the General Section. Amber not only helped the General Section but she also assisted the Pathology/Biology Section with letters of reference. She generously offered to assist other sections that do not have committees for providing letters of reference. Amber understood the difficulties some applicants face in securing letters of reference, and her time and dedication helped the AAFS Membership Department complete applications which would have otherwise been closed. Amber’s willingness to contact applicants for interviews impacted the Academy overall as well as the work accomplished by the staff.  Thank you, Amber!

Murrell Godfrey, Member of the Toxicology Section, is the program director of a Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) accredited program at the University of Mississippi. He and Ole Miss have hosted Forensic Science Educational Programs for middle- and high school teachers and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Summer Camps for middle- and high school students. Dr. Godfrey has also served as onsite evaluator for FEPAC and was recently appointed to FEPAC as academician commissioner. When asked by staff for assistance, Dr. Godfrey has always responded, “Yes” with an added, “Can I do more?” Dr. Godfrey’s dedication and support of the AAFS educational mission impacted the Academy overall as well as the work accomplished by the staff.  Thank you, Murrell!

Lisa A. Gavin, Associate Member of the Pathology/Biology Section, was selected for her efforts as the Local Arrangement’s Chair for the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting.  She not only secured a large number of local volunteers for the pre-meeting needs, but she also assisted staff with local venues for off-site receptions and entertainment for the meeting.  She continuously verified that AAFS needs were being met from the local community and assisted with finding volunteers for the Public Media event for Sunday, February 21. On top of all of this, Lisa volunteered at the meeting herself to set an example and to show that she was willing to lend a hand. Dr. Gavin went above and beyond the required duties of the Local Arrangements Chair, and her efforts and service impacted the Academy overall as well as the work accomplished by the staff.  Thank you, Lisa!

The Field Award was open to Members and Fellows, and the nominee must have been an Academy member at the time of the achievement and recognition. We were honored to present the award to Lucy, Amber, Murrell, and Lisa at their section business meetings in Las Vegas. AAFS Staff looks forward to working with AAFS members throughout the coming year and to selecting our unsung heroes for 2016-17.