A Letter from the YFSF President November 2014 News Update

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles contained in the Academy News are those of the identified authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Academy.

Fall is in full swing now; the weather has gotten chillier, some of us may even have had snow already, and a few of you may have already started preparations for the holidays ahead. The Annual Meeting Advance Program will be mailed and I’m sure many of you are already looking forward to travelling to a warmer state this February.

I hope that everyone enjoyed last month’s YFSF newsletter; I for one was very pleased with the changes. It is my hope that the YFSF becomes a more centralized conduit of information for the students and young professionals who are studying forensic science.

I would like to point the message from the secretaries, Sarah Ellis and Brianna Bermudez; this letter is a summary of all the important dates coming up for the YFSF. If you are interested in participating in either event, please contact either of the chairs for these events.

I am very excited about this month’s newsletter. We have an article by our very own BYOP Chair, Jennifer Curnow, who will discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts of Working in a Lab,” a letter from last year’s YFSF President, Lindsey Saunders, an interview with a forensic pathology fellow from the Virginia OCME, Dr. Austin Wiles, and a letter from the YFSF’s very first president, Diane Fraser.

I would like to point out the very hard work of Jeff Lubbers, AAFS IT & Website Coordinator, who has been diligently remodeling and upgrading the YFSF website. We will be updating and adding more information throughout the year, but one very exciting point I want to highlight is the “contact YFSF” tab. With this feature, you will be able to submit questions to the YFSF Committee members. If there is a question that we are unable to answer for you, we will work to find the right person to answer your questions. Some of your questions might even be featured in the YFSF newsletter!

We would love to see the members of AAFS become involved with this newsletter, if you would like to contribute information or answer questions for an interview, please get in contact with me. If there is a topic, question, or issue you would like to see discussed in future YFSF newsletters, please do not hesitate to send an email to lafra86@gmail.com.

Lara Frame Newell, MA
YFSF President