A Note from the YFSF Secretary

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MIK_9629The AAFS 67th Annual Meeting has come to a close and what a memorable meeting it was! YFSF attendees heard from several speakers about professionalism, ethics, and ways to expand their careers to become well-rounded students and professionals. Thank you to all the YFSF speakers and attendees for their participation. Your support made all of the YFSF sessions very successful. Next year’s Annual Scientific Meeting theme is centered on transformation in forensic science and how we can embrace those changes. The YFSF looks forward to planning another successful year and working with new committee members.

The YFSF would also like to announce that there are openings on our committee for the following positions: Assistant Secretary and co- chairs for the Financial Liaison, Special Session, Breakfast Session, BYOS Session, and BYOP Session. If you are interested in becoming a part of the committee, please contact Lara Frame-Newell, with your CV or resume. The YFSF is a great opportunity to work with other young forensic scientists and veterans.

Sarah Ellis, MS YFSF Secretary Chair

Brianna Bermudez YFSF Assistant Secretary