Financial Liaison November 2014 News Update

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With the AAFS Annual Meeting fast approaching, the YFSF financial liaisons would like to thank those FEPAC-accredited universities who responded to our letters and have contributed to the 2015 YFSF Special Session! Your support is what makes the YFSF program possible year after year and enables us to help students and young forensic professionals interact with the forensic community.

Forensic vendors will also receive a letter from the YFSF requesting financial contributions and other resources for the YFSF Special Session. Without continued support, the YFSF Special Session (which includes a luncheon, poster/slide session, and breakfast session) would not be the successful program that it is.

If you are interested in contributing to the YFSF, please contact one of the financial liaisons. Plans for the special session are in the final stages and we want to make the 2015 YFSF Special Session one of the best ever!

Katie Maciag
YFSF Financial Liaison

Betsy Maldonado
YFSF Financial Co-Liaison