New YFSF Submission Deadlines and Special Session Update

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Source: Alex J. Krotulski, MS, YFSF Committee Chair

As part of the redesigned Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF), our committee is excited to update you regarding our upcoming activities and submission deadlines:

Poster Session: The YFSF Poster Session will now take place within the AAFS multidisciplinary poster sessions occurring Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the day. This change allows for heightened visibility of poster presentations as well as incorporation of YFSF abstracts into the final program. Due to these new features, the YFSF abstract submission deadline for poster presentations will be November 1. Abstracts will now be submitted through the AAFS submission portal, similar to those for Academy-wide scientific sessions, but please remember to designate your submission as a YFSF Poster.

Slides Session: The YFSF Slides Session will now be blended with the AAFS Bring Your Own Slides (BYOS) Session. This means there will be no abstract deadline; but rather, presentations will be submitted during the AAFS 2019 meeting using the form available in your welcome bag. We encourage young scientists to submit interesting cases or challenging developments for this session in accordance with the overall theme and goal of AAFS BYOS. In contrast to the YFSF BYOS Session, these presentations will only be a handful of slides in length with a shorter time to discuss your presentation than the previous 15-minute time slots. If you are a young scientist and are interested in presenting during this session but do not have a topic, please feel free to email me and I will try to pair you up with an Academy member who has an appropriate topic. Vice versa, if you are an Academy member who has a weird or interesting case and would like to partner with a young scientist to present, please feel free to email me about this opportunity.

Special Session: Planning for the YFSF Special Session has been well underway and our committee is excited about the schedule of speakers, which includes many section leaders and prominent AAFS members. The 2019 YFSF Special Session will occur on Tuesday, with some notable changes. We are excited to announce that the 2019 YFSF Special Session will be offered at no cost to young scientists, but please remember that you are still required to register for this session when registering to attend the AAFS meeting. As a trade-off, lunch will not be provided during the session, but there will be ample time for attendees to break for lunch. In addition, the resume review session will now occur during the Special Session, a key feature that has been very successful in past years.

If you have any questions regarding the YFSF activities for 2019 or are interested in pairing up for the BYOS session, please feel free to reach out to me via my email address: