A Note from the YFSF Secretary

The AAFS 67th Annual Meeting has come to a close and what a memorable meeting it was! YFSF attendees heard from several speakers about professionalism, ethics, and ways to expand their careers to become well-rounded students and professionals. Thank you to all the YFSF speakers and attendees for their participation. Your support made all of […]

A Letter from the 2014-15 YFSF President

What a great week! The YFSF events at the AAFS 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, FL, were very successful. I am so proud and appreciative of all the hard work all of the YFSF committee members put in this past year planning our special session. The YFSF would also like to thank all of […]

YFSF Breakfast Session January 2015 News Update

We have an excellent panel of speakers for this year’s YFSF Breakfast Session “Getting There: Unique Professional Journeys in Forensic Science.” Christine Funk, General Counsel for the Washington, DC, Department of Forensic Sciences, will present “How to Blossom Where You Are Planted and Figure Out How You’ll Grow.” She will be joined by Ann Ross, […]

YFSF Special Session January 2015 News Update

The theme for this year’s YFSF Special Session is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Young Forensic Scientists Forum. The YFSF Special Session Chair Christina Hayes, and her Co-Chair Jessica Smith have planned a day-long event entitled “YFSF 20th Anniversary: The Past, the Present, and Our Future,” which includes presentations from numerous speakers from a […]

Financial Liaison January 2015 News Update

The Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF) has worked hard to plan the YFSF Special Session, Breakfast Session, Poster Session, and Slide Session. Our sessions are made possible by the generous contributions from individuals, organizations, and universities. The YFSF’s goal is to help first-time meeting attendees, students, and young forensic professionals take full advantage of the […]

A Note from the YFSF Secretary January 2015 News Update

The AAFS 67th Annual Scientific Meeting is quickly approaching; hopefully, your travel arrangements have already been made. If not, remember that hotel accommodations become limited the closer we get to the meeting; therefore, it is imperative you book your room as soon as possible. Not sure where to stay? Look on the AAFS website (http://aafs.org/meetings/2015), […]

Things Every Young Forensic Scientist Should Know-The Do’s and Don’ts of Working in a Lab

Jennifer Curnow, the YFSF BYOP Chair, currently works as a Latent Fingerprint Technician for Oak Ridge Associated Universities. She has compiled a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for working in a lab. DO: Follow the personal protective equipment (PPE) policies: wear safety glasses, lab coat, gloves, long pants, closed-toed shoes; Follow all procedures and policies […]

YFSF Breakfast Session November 2014 News Update

It is not long now until the 67th AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando and we are excited! The 2015 YFSF Breakfast Session is perfect for those students getting ready to graduate and looking for careers in the field of forensic science. This year’s theme, “Getting There: Unique Professional Journeys in Forensic Science,” is centered […]

YFSF Special Session November 2014 News Update

The Young Forensic Scientists Forum Special Session is looking forward to presenting students and young forensic scientists with a fun and informative session. The YFSF Special Session, “YFSF 20th Anniversary: The Past, The Present, and Our Future” will feature professionals from toxicology to odontology sharing their experiences and contributions in forensic science. We encourage students […]

YFSF Bring Your Own Slides November 2014 News Update

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences 67th Annual Scientific Meeting is right around the corner as well as the opportunity to present research during the Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF) Bring Your Own Slides (BYOS) event. The YFSF is looking for presenters to showcase their forensic science research. This is a great opportunity to gain […]

Financial Liaison November 2014 News Update

With the AAFS Annual Meeting fast approaching, the YFSF financial liaisons would like to thank those FEPAC-accredited universities who responded to our letters and have contributed to the 2015 YFSF Special Session! Your support is what makes the YFSF program possible year after year and enables us to help students and young forensic professionals interact […]

Questions From Our Readers

This question comes to us from an undergraduate student who is requesting more information about forensic odontology and the path she should take to get there. If you would like to provide advice for her and other students like her, please send an email to lafra86@gmail.com. (Questions may be edited for clarity.) “Hello, I am […]