REMINDERS! Upload Deadline for Speaker Presentation and Much More!

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Source: Zain Bhaloo, MSc, YFSF Chair

As you all know, we are quickly approaching the virtual 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting for the AAFS! These are exciting times as we prepare to jump into a world previously unexplored by many of us: online conference attendance.

I have been to one other such meeting this past year and what an interesting experience! So much comraderie, so much to learn, and so many new things to take in all at the same time!

The YFSF Committee wanted to reach out to all of you to remind you of a few things:

  1. The deadline for submitting speaker material to be uploaded to the virtual conference is JANUARY 22, 2021! This is a fixed deadline as is the deadline set by the conference host. To allow us time to upload and correct any issues, please have your files recorded and uploaded by JANUARY 20.
    To upload your presentation and all associated material (i.e., handouts, talking points, slides, etc.), you will have received a link to the Dropbox folder where you can put it. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS LINK, please contact the Chair directly ( and instructions will be provided to you.
  2. The date for the YFSF Special Sessions is February 9, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. HERE is a link to the Advance Program for more information.
  3. The Special Session is FREE, but you must register for the meeting! If you are still deciding on whether or not to attend, click HERE for the Top 10 Reasons to attend the 2021 meeting! Don’t delay. Register today!
  4. The YFSF is working directly this year with the Presidential Ad Hoc Mentorship Committee to bring to the members a world-class Mentorship Program. For more information or to indicate interest in being a Mentor or a Mentee, please contact the Chair HERE via email and we hope you can join us!
  5. Bring Your Own Slides—Stay tuned for more information regarding how the BYOS portion will proceed!

Thanks to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all (on screen) soon! Remember to click below to follow the AAFS on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook for updates regarding the Academy and the meeting!