Wake Up to Professional Development… and Bacon!

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Source: Alex Krotulski, MSFS, Breakfast Session Chair

YFSF Breakfast Session

This year’s Breakfast Session Chair and Co-Chair, Alex Krotulski and Erin Houston, have been hard at work planning the 2018 Breakfast Session set to take place in Seattle, WA. The chairs have come up with a creative theme and agenda for the session, started to piece together the session schedule, and started to contact potential speakers and résumé reviewers. The title of the 2018 session will be Wake Up to Professional Development … and Bacon, and will focus on bridging the gap between academics and early career growth. The goal is to provide young forensic scientists, whether students, near-graduates, or recent employees, with practical skills and knowledge associated with this transition period. Topics of interest will include the application and interview processes, early success and development as a scientist in a respective field, and the emotions that many of us encounter along the way. As always, the Breakfast Session Chairs are looking for qualified résumé reviewers to be involved with this year’s session. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or have recommendations for a reviewer, please contact alex.krotulski@frfoundation.org.