January 2016

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Editors: Brianna Bermudez, BS and Jacob Griffin, BS

A Letter from the YFSF President
Happy New Year, everyone! The AAFS 68th Annual Scientific Meeting is quickly approaching and will be here before you know it. I hope everyone has finalized hotel and travel arrangements!

Over the last year, the YFSF Committee has worked hard to develop a great session for you. The meeting registration is now open as well as registration for the YFSF Special Session (S2). Please make sure you register before space fills up! Registration for the YFSF Special Session includes:

  • Tuesday morning and afternoon (2/23): A day-long session of speakers covering a variety of forensic science-related topics.
  • Tuesday evening (2/23): The YFSF Bring Your Own Poster Session
  • Wednesday evening (2/24): The YFSF Bring Your Own Slides Session
  • Thursday morning (2/25): The YFSF Annual Breakfast

The details for the above are listed in the Advance Program. If you have any interest in serving on the 2016-17 YFSF Committee, please express your interest during the Special Session. The YFSF is a great way to get involved with AAFS and to network with your forensic peers.

This is my final meeting as the YFSF President. I have had a fantastic time serving and I am looking forward to attending the YFSF Special Session, which is always wonderful!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas!

Lara Frame-Newell, MA
YFSF President

A Note from the YFSF Secretary

Accommodations at the Rio All-Suite Hotel are filling up, so be sure to register soon if you would like to book in the AAFS room block, which will save you a few extra fees. The cutoff for reservations is January 18. When preparing for your trip to the Annual Meeting, be sure to bring business cards. Students and young professionals will make valuable connections this conference, and it is important to have your contact information readily available for anyone that you meet. It is also recommended that you bring your résumé, even if you are not currently searching for a job. You never know whom you may meet!

Applications for the Bring Your Own Slides and Bring Your Own Poster Sessions have closed, but any interested individuals are encouraged to attend the two events to listen to the exciting research and projects that our young scientists are involved in.

For the most up-to-date information about what the YFSF will be doing at the Academy Meeting, be sure to check the Academy News, which can be found at www.news.aafs.org. If you have any questions about the YFSF, do not hesitate to contact a committee member. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brianna Bermudez, BS
YFSF Secretary

Jacob Griffin, BS
YFSF Assistant Secretary

YFSF General Information

YFSF Financial Liaison

Happy 2016! With the holidays behind us, the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, is right around the corner. The YFSF is making preparations for our Special Session, Breakfast Session, Poster Session, and Slide Session. These sessions are made possible by the contributions from individuals and organizations that support the YFSF.

The YFSF is a group that helps first-time meeting attendees and young forensic professionals get the most out of their first Academy Meeting, but we need your help to continue doing this! If you have not done so already, please consider making a contribution to the YFSF. Contributions from veteran AAFS members allow us to have a Special Session, a Breakfast Session, a Poster Session, and a Slides Session each year. These four events are instrumental in incorporating the next generation of forensic scientists into the forensic science community.

For those of you who have already made a contribution to the YFSF, we would like to thank you! Thank you for giving the YFSF the means to provide assistance and information to young forensic science professionals. We would not be able to do what we do without you!

If you would like to make a contribution to the YFSF, or have any questions, please contact Lindsay Saylors.

Lindsay Saylors, BS
YFSF Financial Liaison

YFSF Special Session

The YFSF Special Session Chair Sarah Ellis and Co-Chair Amanda Hale have planned a day-long event entitled Viva La Forensics. This session is designed to guide the next generation of forensic scientists with speakers presenting cases in which forensic science was key to case resolution. The YFSF Special Session will take place on Tuesday, February 23, during the AAFS 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. If you have not already registered, please do so.

Special Session attendees will start the morning with opening remarks from YFSF President Lara Newell. Then Cheryl Hunter, AAFS Membership Coordinator, will speak about the process and benefits of becoming an AAFS member.

Case presentations with start with Dr. Raymond Miller, whose presentation is entitled Dental Identification Seals the Case. Fellow odontologist, Dr. Gary Berman, will follow him with a presentation called Human Bitemark Documentation and Analysis in a Child Abuse Case. Next will be Dr. John Williams, speaking about forensic anthropology in a presentation titled Markers of Occupational Stress and Skeletal Identification: A Missing Person Case Study.

After the morning break, Joseph Almog will delve into the theme of firearms in Developments in Detecting Recent Holding of Firearms. Dr. Joan Bytheway will follow with a presentation called The Contribution of Taphonomic Research to Forensic Casework. Noelle Umback will present David Tarloff: A Case Study at the Intersection of Criminalistics, Psychiatry, and the Legal System. The final two speakers of the morning with be John Nixon and Helmut Brosz, who will be presenting cases from the field of forensic engineering. Their presentations are entitled Accident or Lovers Quarrel? Boyfriend Shot and Seriously Wounded: Was it a Deliberate Act by the Girlfriend, or an Accident? and Electrical Homicide or … ?, respectively.

The afternoon session will begin with Linton Mohammed speaking about questioned documents in Document Examination — Not Just Handwriting. Alan Price will next present A Double Assassination in Colorado and the Subsequent Prosecution in the Country of Mexico: The Difference in Legal Standards and Prosecutorial Evidence. Ja’Neisha Hutley will follow with Terror on Kensington Avenue. Leading up to the break will be one of the 2015 FSF Emerging Scientist Award winners, Federica Collini, who will present her research entitled Paternal Filicide for Spouse Revenge: The Male Side of Medea’s Syndrome.

After the break, Nikolas Lemos will speak about forensic toxicology in a presentation called Nail Them with Good Forensics — The Use of Alternative Biological Specimens in Forensic Toxicology. Dr. Jamie Downs will introduce forensic pathology in Forensic Pathology — The Medicine of Forensic Science and the Science of Forensic Medicine. The afternoon session will conclude with Claire Shepard presenting Police Officer Retaliation, or Not.

The Special Session provides a day full of great information and opportunities for young forensic scientists. It is a great chance to meet others in your field, as well as being a networking opportunity for attendees to meet more experienced scientists. Bring your business cards, your confidence, and a smile! For those who have never attended an AAFS meeting, it is suggested that you wear comfortable business clothes and shoes.

In order to attend the YFSF Special Session (S2), please register through AAFS before the January 27, deadline. The registration fee for the Special Session includes lunch on Tuesday and the YFSF Breakfast Session on Thursday morning, where you will have the opportunity to speak with professionals in different forensic fields and get tips and advice on how to polish your résumé! The AAFS website www.aafs.org has links to register for the meeting as well as up-to-date meeting information.

Sara Ellis, MS

YFSF Special Session Chair

Amanda Hale, MA
YFSF Special Session Co-Chair

YFSF Breakfast Session

The YFSF Breakfast Session at this year’s AAFS 68th Annual Scientific Meeting will be having an excellent panel of speakers! With a theme of “Ask the Expert,” this year’s panelists from various fields will be prepared to answer all your questions! Discussion questions will include: What are you looking for in a future student? What do you consider the strongest quality for an applicant to have? How do you go about beginning a research project? A discussion will also be opened for attendees to ask questions of their own. After the discussion period, professionals from varied disciplines will be available to provide résumé assistance and feedback to attendees. We are excited about this session that will help young forensic scientists prosper in their respective fields!

If you have any questions or would like to become involved, please contact Christina Hayes or Kelsey Carpenter.

Christina Hayes, BS
YFSF Breakfast Session Chair

Kelsey Carpenter, BS
YFSF Breakfast Session Co-Chair

YFSF Bring Your Own Slides Session

‪This year’s YFSF Bring Your Own Slides Session will be held on Wednesday, February 24, at 6:00 p.m. All AAFS meeting attendees are invited to attend and hear about new research from a variety of disciplines being presented by the field’s young forensic scientists.

‪A special thank you to all who submitted their abstracts. Please contact yfsf.byos@gmail.com if any questions or concerns arise. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Betzaida Maldonado, MSFS
YFSF Bring Your Own Slides, Chair

Jeremy Manheim, BS
YFSF Bring Your Own Slides, Co-Chair

YFSF Bring Your Own Poster Session

Hello, young forensic scientists! The February meeting is fast approaching, which means you should be putting the final touches on your accepted poster to present at the YFSF Bring Your Own Poster (BYOP) Session. YFSF BYOP presents as an ideal opportunity for students and young forensic scientists to share their research and gain invaluable feedback in a comfortable environment. Mentors, please encourage your students to attend and have them plan to present their term paper, research project, or interesting case at next year’s YFSF BYOP Session.

The 2016 YFSF BYOP Session is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 23. All are encouraged to attend. We have posters representing several disciplines of forensic science, so there will be presentations of interest for everyone at this year’s YFSF BYOP! If you have questions, feel free to email Alicja Lanfear.

See you in Las Vegas!

Alicja Lanfear, PhD
YFSF Poster Session Chair