YFSF Special Session

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President-Elect Victor Weedn speaking at the YFSF Special Session

President-Elect Victor Weedn speaking at the YFSF Special Session

The 2015 Young Forensic Scientists Forum Special Session was a great success! The theme for the session this year “YFSF 20th Anniversary: The Past, The Present, and Our Future” celebrated the last 20

years in forensic science. There were around 45 attendees who were given career and academic advice from speakers in various disciplines, including two past YFSF presidents.

YFSF President Lara Frame-Newell opened the special session by awarding the YFSF Founder’s Award to Tanisha Henson for her continued
efforts in serving the YFSF. Daniel Martell welcomed everyone and described his hopes for the remainder of the meeting. Victor

Weedn discussed his theme for the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting and how the changes in standardization of forensic science will change the field in coming years. Cheryl Hunter discussed the membership process and various membershipMIK_9741

Jane Lewis presented a fun Disney-themed presentation on the field of questioned documents, John
Kenney gave a brief history of Odontology and shared a few interesting case studies, and Ruth Winecker
discussed the changes in the field of toxicology over the last 20 years and the future of toxicology. Elizabeth Richards concluded the morning by speaking about how she became a special agent for the United States Air Force.

After lunch, Anjali Ranadive discussed professionalism in the forensic field and advised on what hiring managers look for as well as expectations of professionals in court. Christine Funk shared her career path and advice to others a little differently, by reading a heartfelt letter she had written to her past self. Mark Pollitt discussed the evolving field of the cloud and cyber forensics.

MIK_9777AAFS Past President Barry Fisher shared his experiences mentoring his son and gave advice on mentorship, education, and how to do well in forensics. Ken Williams presented his career path in forensics and focused on his experiences with YFSF and how being a YFSF Past President contributed to his career. John Nixon from the Engineering Sciences Section discussed his efforts implementing change in the forensic sciences by using a multidisciplinary approach.

Nicolene Lottering, the FSF Emerging Scientist Award winner, presented her winning paper “Temporal Characterization of Ossification of the Crania in Australian Subadults: New Standards for Age Estimation Using Computed Tomography.” The day concluded with Diane Fraser who shared her experiences as the first YFSF president and YFSF founding member as well as her career and life path over the last 20 years.

The special session would not have been possible without the aforementioned speakers. Thank you to everyone who participated with the YFSF. It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the 2016 YFSF Special Session, please email yfsfss@gmail.com.

Christina Hayes, BS
YFSF Special Session Chair

Jessica Smith, BS
YFSF Special Session Co-Chair