YFSF Special Session Update for Seattle 2022!

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Source: Zain Bhaloo, MSc, YFSF Chair

Hello everyone!

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming conference as we are! The prospect of finally being able to meet in person is fantastic—we can’t wait for you to see the lineup of speakers we are working on for the 27th Annual Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF) Special Session!

To begin, this message is a callout to all individuals who have spoken in the past to the YFSF and to all those would like to speak at the upcoming conference and in the future. The proposed theme for this year’s Special Session is “Meeting and Overcoming Challenges Faced by Young Forensic Scientists.” This year, we hope to highlight and focus on some of the challenges the current young forensic scientists in our ranks (and those who have come before us) have faced and overcome. These experiences are fundamental to all of our journeys; sharing them with other members will help remind everyone this is all a journey and the goal line is different for everyone, as is the journey.

In this same vein, beginning this year for the first time, we are also looking forward to welcoming YFSF attendees to speak! This is an amazing opportunity for Student and Trainee Affiliates who are YFSF attendees to speak briefly regarding the obstacles they have encountered and would like to share. This is also an amazing opportunity to speak at the conference while also gaining experience speaking in front of an audience of your peers!

Finally, the YFSF has been working closely with the new AAFS Mentoring Program (AMP) and there are a few events we have in the works, so stay tuned for more information regarding these events!

In summary:

  • Anyone who has spoken or is willing to speak to the YFSF, please reach out to the Chair of the YFSF at yfsf.chair@gmail.com to indicate your willingness to present.
  • Any Student and Trainee Affiliates who are YFSF attendees and would like to speak briefly regarding their experiences are also welcome and should indicate their willingness to speak by emailing ysfs.chair@gmail.com.

Keep checking back and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle!