YSFS Breakfast Session March 2015 News Update

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MIK_9613This year’s YFSF Breakfast Session, “Getting There: Unique Professional Journeys in Forensic Science,” was an entertaining and inspiring success. The two speakers provided a well-rounded presentation: Christine Funk gave advice on working in a crime lab and Ann Ross gave advice on working in an academic field.

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Young Forensic Scientists Forum, these speakers were joined by former YFSF Presidents Claire Shepard, Amanda Kilgore, and Tanisha Henson for an informal Q&A session before breaking out into a one-on-one résumé review session. The YFSF’s founding secretary, Thomas Crist, was also in attendance. Focusing on the forensic science family allowed for an informal session that inspired the next generation of aspiring forensic scientists and early career professionals. Many thanks to our speakers and résumé reviewers for volunteering your time and making this session a success.

If you are an experienced forensic scientist, please consider serving as a résumé reviewer for the next generation of forensic professionals at next year’s breakfast session. Please contact the YFSF Breakfast Chairs at yfsf.breakfast@gmail.com with any questions or to volunteer.

Alicja K. Lanfear, PhD
YFSF Breakfast Session Chair

Tiffany B. Saul, MS
YFSF Breakfast Session Co-Chair