YSFS Bring Your Own Slides Session March 2015 News Update

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The 2015 YFSF Bring Your Own Slides event was a hit! There were six outstanding research presentations. Mia Solomon, from the University of Central Oklahoma presented her research “Serial Homicide-Patterns in Cooling Off Periods.” Virginia Commonwealth University student Tiffany Layne presented “Stability and Variation of microRNAs for Body Fluid Identification” and George Washington graduate student Ashley LeBlanc presented her research “The Forensic Significance of Aluminum Powders.” Continuing the session was Purdue University student, Joseph DeMaro, who presented “Proactive Use of Panoramic Photography,” Aisha Ali-Gombe from the University of New Orleans who presented “Forensic Analysis of Android Radio Logs,” and Marshall University student, Hannah Kennedy, presented “Qiagen Investigator DIPlex Kit: Validation and Use with Parentage Section Cases Involving Degraded Inhibited Samples or Complex Relationships.”

There were approximately 60 AAFS members in attendance this year proving that the BYOS session is showing steady growth in attendance. It was exciting to see the innovative research that young scientists are developing. Thank you to each of the presenters for sharing your projects and a special thank you to Lara Frame-Newell for ensuring that the BYOS event ran smoothly.

An attendee enjoys the proceedings of the YSFS Session.

An attendee enjoys the proceedings of the YSFS Session.

Lindsay Saylors, BS
YFSF Bring Your Own Slides, Chair

Kate Lesciotto, JD
YFSF Bring Your Own Slides, Co-Chair